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Let’s realise our full potential together


Women are doing great...

Women represent 52 % of the population and almost 47 % of the total workforce. Girls do better at school than boys and for over 2 decades, more women finish higher education than men.

But not in leadership roles...

Only 12,1 % of executive committee members are female. Women occupy 31 % of board member seats

in listed companies, almost half of all management teams are all male, 15% of keynote speakers at conferences

and 27 % of experts in the media are female, 33 % of entrepreneurs, and only 16 % of mayors are women.

Developing all leadership potential amongst women is not a woman's issue, but a growth opportunity for society. To change the numbers, we need to empower women & we need to fix company cultures. Will you help me do that please?

Our Mission

At the Fierce Ladies Tribe, you will find a tribe of sisterhood

to develop YOUR full potential.

Elke en Laura

Our Vision

We share success and failure, part of any journey, inspired by live network talks with role models. We learn from each other in our online growth academy.  

We laugh out loud and have real conversations that matter, mentoring each other forward.

If you always hated networking, this is the place for you.

​ ​ Let's change the numbers. Together, we can make it happen. Become a member of our Fierce Ladies tribe here today. Find out more about our upcoming activities here. Discover how you can make a difference starting today in this 50koffies podcast (Dutch or this Huappi podcast (English). Or find out how other ambitious women realise their dreams in my book Who run the world. Looking forward to meeting you soon, ​ Elke Jeurissen Founder Fierce Ladies ​ ​

"Ik geloof dat elke vrouw kan worden wie ze echt is, haar ambitie mag benoemen en waarmaken en zo het verschil kan maken in de wereld." Elke Jeurissen 

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